Daniel Novais began his career in Sao Paulo in 2001, almost for fun - the direct influence of graffiti - which came into his life for over 10 years - took him to the inside of tattoo studios and in contact with experienced professionals from the city.

With the mix of curiosity and interest in Art, he improved his work from the city walls to the tattoed bodies in a small studio. It was there he became a tattoo unconditional lover, trying different techniques and styles, with 16 years old.

In 2004, he received a invitation to join the Marcão Tattoo studio in Rio de Janeiro and started to have his work recognized in Brazil and abroad. It was the beginning of the participations in conventions and many awards mainly in Japanese tattoos and Realism.

With the influences of the tattoo artists Filip Leu, Maurício Teodoro, Shige, Junior, Mick and the improvement of his style in Federal University of Arts of Rio de Janeiro, Daniel today is known in the world of tattoo by his customized and freehand works, printing on each new tattoo his unique style.

In early 2007, he opened his own studio in Rio de Janeiro, with the proposal to combine technic and sensibility in exclusive works to the public who appreciate this Art.

For a young man who began working with Art almost for fun, eight years of road have proved that tattoo is much more than it: it's passion, professionalism, respect for the body, technics and, of course, pure pleasure.

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